Title: The Ruins: An Avernus Island Tale (also available on amazon.com)

Author: Jennifer Kohout

Whatwhat: Minotaur; Time Travelruins

Length: 77 pages, which sometimes felt long. That might be a side effect of having recently read too many quick-and-dirty erotic short stories, though.

On the plus side, this gave the author a lot more scope for world-building and character development; at times it read like a romance novel, perhaps a hot category romance, rather than the typical kindle monster erotica. You could comfortably hand this to your mother or aunt without having to call the paramedics. There’s easily enough plot to carry the monster fucking.

But if you’re primarily looking for quick monster dick, this might not hold your interest. The monster doesn’t show up for real until past the 40% mark, and initially he’s in human form.

Contained a few glaring missed words or awkward sentences, but not nearly as many as is usual for the form. Still, a proofreader or beta reader should have caught those.

The verdict: GET IT. It’s free right now, but I would not have complained if it’d been in the $2.99 range.