doctor bigfoot

Author: Chuck Tingle

What What: A self-taught lawyer by day and heart/brain surgeon by night, bigfoot Nart Bolguk wins the heart and body of lawyer Mark.

No seriously, that’s the plot.

He is shirtless, showing off his ripped bigfoot abs with a stethoscope hanging proudly around his neck, a subtle way of showing off that he is, in fact, a doctor as well as an attorney. (location 54/19%)

I guess “subtle” has a different meaning in the Bigfoot world, or maybe just in Chuck Tingle’s world.

…I can simply sense the presence of Nart, who seems to be psychically exuding the intense, feverish charm of both a doctor and a lawyer wherever he goes. (location 101/35%)

Verdict: It is GLORIOUSLY BATSHIT. It’s every bit as insane as that title and cover would lead you to respect.

I notice Mr. Tingle has taken the time to name his narrator, and given an appropriately Bigfoot-ish name to the monster, suggesting maybe he took some of the Smart Bitches review of Hunter Fox’s work to heart.

He still hasn’t learned how to punctuate dialogue, but you can’t have everything. This may be my second-favorite piece of short monster erotica ever.