I’ve seen it pointed out in a few places that Hunter Fox and Whitney Fox publish near-identical, pronoun-switched versions of the same stories, so to test the theory I read a matched set. And, yes, they are identical. allifrogs2

Titles: Punished by the Alli-Frogs (Whitney Fox) and Alli-Frogs from Space Forced Me Gay (Hunter Fox)

What What: An alien species resembling a cross between alligators and frogs have invaded Montana, and the narrator (Jenna in one version, Jason in the other) has opted to stay in their now-abandoned dorm, which quickly floods with horny alli-frogs.


Come Again?

Whitney Fox says:

“Gross.” I muttered as I flung his trash around, including nude magazines he was keeping on his desk. (24%)

I opened my legs for them, letting them see how slippery and wet I was for them. (47%)

Hunter Fox says:

“Gross.” I muttered as I flung her trash around, including makeup she was keeping on his desk. (23%)

After seeing their four throbbing, strong and powerful Alli-Frog dicks before me, I was blown away and needed to fuck them. I instantly was forced gay by their presence. (46%)

I’ve been reading too much bizarre erotica, because when I hit this bit I honestly thought the car was sentient, horny, and used to date the narrator:

From a far, I noticed Nicole’s car, a chick who I had recently dated a few months ago. The lame 1989 two door hatchback was sitting in the clear, far from the flames and yearning to be driven away by me. (20%)

That is, of course, “Nick’s car” in the Whitney Fox version.

The Verdict: These are more or less identical, yes. So there’s no particular reason to read both unless you have an absolute obsession with alli-frogs.