Title: Pounded by the Rock Man

Author: Cayden Brookes

Blurb: A hater of all things nature, Neil isn’t too thrilled when he finds himself stranded outside the city on the side of the highway. With no cell service to call a tow truck, he ventures into the forest where he stumbles upon Craig, an eight foot tall rock god who is ready to take him from straight to gay in a matter of seconds. Unable to get away, Neil gives in to the creature’s demands and does whatever it takes to get himself back to his car and back to his comfy home in the city.

pounded by the rock man

What What: After some truly ridiculous meandering in the woods, Neil encounters Craig (shouldn’t that be Crag?) and falls in insta-love/lust. On his second trip he nearly gets raped by a second Rock Man, but Craig rescues him and all is well.

Money Quote:

“You awaken me. So we fuck.”

I hear ya, Craig. Henceforth that’ll be my rule too.

The Verdict: The word “grinding” kept crossing my mind and making me wince, even though the word doesn’t appear in the text (as far as I remember). But perhaps Craig’s crag is well-polished and smooth.

But apart from that, I enjoyed it. Also it’s on Kindle Unlimited, so well worth picking up if you like inventive monsters.