Author: Chuck Tinglegay color changing dress

What What: That dress–you know, the dress; in this he’s named Channing–rescues narrator Kent from some drunken guy’s unwanted advances outside a bar, then takes him home for sex and declarations of love and a sort of acid-trippy spiritual-ish ending.


I need someone who makes a lot of gold, but isn’t afraid to get black and blue when push comes to shove. (location 34)

Money Quote:

The dress is stunning, with a chiseled face and ripped abs across his blue and black front, and the confident manner of his float gives him a manly aggression. (location 93/30%)

Why the Hell Not, I Guess:

The floating black and blue dress is nearby now, getting ready to roll away on his motorcycle. (location 99/31%)

Verdict: Amazing. The sex scenes are unforgettable. Like, you may need therapy to erase these, particularly the bit that’s sort of like a “pearl necklace” only not, because there’s no neck.

There’s all the standard Chuck Tingle overuse of “gay” (intense gay lust; gay, lustful urges; you know the drill), and an even stranger ending than I was prepared for. Probably you should buy this, because nothing I say here is going to adequately convey the strangeness, and it’s definitely entertaining.