Author: Audrey Grace

WhatWhat: Dissatisfied and recently-deflowered virgin on her honeymoon in Greece finds erotic release and satisfaction with a group of centaurs.

mated centaur clan


Her and her new husband Henry, a positively caring gentleman, were staying in a lush and spoiling five-star resort, with all of the little creature comforts one expects to come with that. (loc 37/11%) She hadn’t finished, but closed her leg and told Henry no more. (loc 48/13%) “Not tonight?” he asked, frustration bleeding into his facial emotions. (loc 97/21%)

Verdict: The writing can be a little awkward, and an editor would have caught most of that. But if you can overlook that, the premise is unusual enough to catch and hold a reader’s interest, and while there’s not actually character “development” there is at least a sense of who the main character is, and what drives her. Definitely worth the current Amazon price of $0.79, and also available through Kindle Unlimited.