Author: John Ellison

gay aliens

Mirror Image: Dominated by Aliens: Reptilian Rampage by Jeniffer Grant

dominated by aliens

WhatWhat: Three reptilian aliens abduct Mark, and sexually “test” him for a client, warning him that the fate of the entire Earth depends on the client’s approval.

Issues: There’s a misplaced sentence on the second page (it looks like a line from a sex scene got dropped into the wrong spot, somehow), and tense shifts all over the damned place.

I waved my arms around and tried to swim out, but that was completely futile. I guess I should just obey these guys. (loc 40/19%)

Also, why not just say “it looked like a dildo”? Clarity is your friend, authors.

If I wasn’t mistaken, it looked like what I would imagine an alien dildo to look like. (loc 47/22%)

There’s also this:

He fiddled with the metallic device for a second and got the thing to open up at the bottom. (loc 68/31%)

I’m sorry, that just reminds me of Larry’s writing student in Throw Momma from the Train: “Dive! Dive!” yelled the Captain through the thing! So the man who makes it dive pressed a button, or a something, and it dove.

Money Quote:

He inched the device in, and smoothly entering it inside me. I let out a gasp followed by a seductive moan. (loc 83/37%)

Dude, you’re clearly at least a sentence past needing to be seductive.

Verdict: It’s available through Kindle Unlimited, so if you can get past the lack of beta-reading, it’s entertaining enough.