Author: Chuck Tingle

The plane owns a mansion which he can never enter, because he's a JET PLANE and he DOESN'T FIT.
The plane owns a mansion which he can never enter, because he’s a JET PLANE and he DOESN’T FIT.

WhatWhat: Alex has sex with (and falls in love with) Keith, who is, and I quote, “a large passenger plane that can seat up to four hundred people, not including crew.” (loc 16)

So there are many, many things wrong with this, but most of them come down to the size thing. Okay, some of them also come down to the “sentient jet plane” thing.

There’s the familiar “rub some sunscreen on me” flirtation:

I pop open the cap and pour out as much as I can fit into my hand, quickly realizing that it still probably won’t be enough to cover the entire plane. (loc 170)

No kidding.

Money quote:

It’s not long before I’ve completely lost control of myself, the simmering gay lust boiling over within me as I open my mouth wide and engulf Keith’s fat cock. (loc 192)

Or possibly this:

“God fucking damn it.” I cry out. “That jet plane dick is so fucking good up my tight little ass!” (loc 231)

I don’t want to cast aspersions on anyone’s jet plane lover, but if a human can take his whole erection into his mouth (among other locations), then isn’t Keith rather poorly hung by jet plane standards? I mean, consider the proportions here.

There’s also a scene where Alex penetrates the plane, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, because it’s brilliant. No, it doesn’t involve an exhaust pipe. It’s brilliant-er than that.

Verdict: You know you want to.