Title: Brobeck Pool Party

Author: Cheri Verset

WhatWhat: Suzette and her stepbrother Drake are home alone for the weekend, so he and his girlfriend Kara ply Suzette with tequila and have sex with her.

brobeck pool party

You know, when I explained what I was reading to my husband his only reaction was, “Well, at least everyone in this is human.”

College Doesn’t Work Like That:

He was a year older but he was so smart that he was already skipping ahead in college. (loc 60)

Honest, it’s not like grade school: you can sign up for whatever courses you’re qualified for. There’s no “skipping ahead.” It’s a minor detail but it worries me, since it makes me suspect the author might still be in high school or something.

Opposites Don’t Work Like That:

I shrugged. “Not really my style.”

“You’re not a virgin, are you?”

“No, but I guess I’m a homebody.” (loc 78)

Enough Set-Up Already, We Get It:

We could be as loud as we wanted because the house to the right had been foreclosed and the one to our left was empty, the owners having left with our parents for their golf weekend. There was a protected forest behind. (loc 96)

Money Quote:

I didn’t answer but I rotated toward her so it wouldn’t look like I was hogging my brother. (loc 225)

The mark of a good hostess, right there.

Verdict: I know I sound like I’m ragging on this book, but it’s honestly not badly written, and if the step-sibling thing does it for you at all you’ll probably find it hot.