Title: Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting

Author: Chuck Tingle

bigfoot butt sommelier

WhatWhat: “Poon hound” Nick accompanies two other straight guys to a wine tasting, where he is immediately smitten with a handsome Bigfoot sommelier from whom he receives analingus and anal sex.

An Incredible What?

For a moment our eyes meet and I find myself overwhelmed by an incredible warm that immediately consumes my soul. (loc 79)

Money Quote:

“There is a definite high note of rose, with some smooth, buttery lows and a fine nutty finish. This is a delicious asshole.” (loc 192)

What the hell has Nick been eating?

Verdict: Nick and Torbo Gulgot live happily ever after, though it was unnerving that in the last scene he was about to hook his two (blissfully unaware) straight friends up with some other male Bigfoots.