Title: Conquered by Clippy

Author: Leonard Delaney

conquered by clippy

WhatWhat: Christie Aackerlund, last seen being Taken by the Tetris Blocks, visits the site of some alien artifacts where she has sex with an animated, sentient, over-helpful paperclip and discovers the truth about the artifacts.

I Think You’ll Find Those ARE Her Genitals:

Christie’s delicate fingers pulled her panties aside, then began rubbing her clit, vagina, and genitals. (loc 148)

Money Quote:

She felt both of her holes fill up with whatever substance paperclips emitted. She hoped this didn’t make her pregnant again. (loc 173)

Verdict: This was brilliant. I don’t think I’d call it erotic, exactly (and please, if you’re out there rubbing one out to this DON’T feel obliged to email and tell me about it), but it’s clever and nerdy and well worth reading.