Title: Gay Cowboy Billionaire Beast

Author: Hunter Fox

gay cowboy billionaire beast

WhatWhat: Tony moves into a new house and discovers an alcoholic horned monster passed out in his yard. The beast is CEO Cameron Lingston, a billionaire who’s been in trouble with the FBI for some reason we never find out, and he fucks Tony in exchange for his silence (about his whereabouts? his drinking? the fact that he’s a centaur with a rack of horns? I honestly can’t tell).

A Few Points:

1. If you are the kind of person who would rip out a perfectly good wine cellar to install a sex dungeon, I don’t want to know you.

2. “Cuming” is not a word.

3. This story ends (somewhat abruptly) at the 65% mark, and the rest is the author info and an impressively long list of his other stories. The number of things out there that can “force you gay” is astonishing.

Money Quote:

“Do you have any liquor?” He asked, looking towards the kitchen.

“I don’t want your money.” I responded.

“You better keep your fucking mouth shut little man!” He shouted, walking towards the kitchen and looking for alcohol.

“I don’t drink, so there’s nothing here for you.” I said, furious in his behavior towards me.” (loc 95-100)

That exchange reads like a cross between Dynasty and The Room, and it gives you a pretty accurate sense of the punctuation, writing style, and characterization. I thought it was glorious; your mileage and tolerance levels may vary.

Verdict: I am so weirdly disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a Whitney Fox version of this. Yet.