Title: Gamed by the Gay Gaming Console

Author: Chick Singler

gamed by the gay gaming console

WhatWhat: Dan the Man, gamer and reviewer, tests a new gaming system and gets taken for a test ride himself.

Money Quote:

I was getting itchy enough to almost, almost, leave the Ultomo behind and hit a bar or two, where the sixpak abs and the soulful brown gaze would attract a couple of NPCs for an hour or two of, ah, gaming. (loc 25)

Verdict: Okay, I have to confess: on first seeing this I was OUTRAGED, outraged I say, at the existence of a pseudo-Chuck Tingler. Chuck Lite? How very dare they? But I got over that after buckets of therapy when I started reading. The author obviously had a great time writing this, and anyone who enjoys jet plane erotica is all right by me.

Also, this is better written and more cleanly edited than nine-tenths of the amusingly-weird erotica out there. There are a couple of my insta-buy erotica authors who can also be counted on for this, but honestly, it’s not a regular feature of the sub-genre so it’s worth noting.