Title: Long Tongue Liz

Author: I.M. Rogue

long tongue liz

WhatWhat: While staying at the lake with her family, Sandy finds happiness with a strange lizard-girl with a ten-inch tongue and a need to “feed” via cunnilingus.

The Grammarians from Space HATE it When You Do That:

“Show them to me again” She asked sliding off the rock towards me. (loc 21)

“You’re tongue is really long” I stammered. (loc 89)

Has Any Woman Ever Actually Done This?

My thoughts turned to him and I instinctively stroked my breasts. (loc 14)

The “him” in question is a guy she liked but never dated, as opposed to someone she’s been breastfeeding or anything. Am I just weird? Because I never once stood outdoors feeling up my own chest while thinking about some guy.

Money Quote:

My pussy drenched in whoosh, so much that I could feel a wet spot growing on my bikini bottoms. (loc 80)

I’m not even 100% sure what “whoosh” means in that sentence, but it sounds like fun.

Verdict: In spite of the by-now-familiar problems with punctuating dialogue, this was actually hot. And I don’t say that lightly: improper punctuation is one of my turn-offs, so to power past that this story had to bring some major lizardy cuteness and an enormous tongue. Which it did, readers.