Title: Spaghetti Monster Tossed my Salad

Author: Hunter Fox

spaghetti monster

WhatWhat: Chuck’s new waiter shapeshifts into a sexy spaghetti monster, who pleasures him with his…strands? It’s difficult to summarize this one.

Seriously, the Space Grammarians Are Getting Upset Now:

“Wow! You’re so hard for me. I love it!” The creature said, stroking me through his briefs with his noodles. (loc 131)

Money Quote:

“You want this Alfredo Sauce?” I asked him, knowing I was about to cum. (loc 165)

Verdict: This was AMAZING. Also, my Italian husband brought home Alfredo Sauce as revenge for my having made him read this. Plus now I am wracked with guilt on spaghetti night.