Title: Taken in the Haunted House

Author: Ruby Winchester

taken in the haunted house

WhatWhat: Sara wakes up in the haunted house at the edge of town, where numerous ghosts and one really well-endowed demon fuck her.

Money Quote:

“Sara,” it breathed, sounding more like wind blowing over dry leaves than a human voice. (loc 39)

Or possibly:

Finally the ghost froze and an icy cold fluid filled my mouth. It felt like breathing in the vapor from dry ice. (loc 92)

Verdict: It disturbs me a little that I found this erotic, but I did. I think the creepy setting gave it a definite edge.

Ends at: 62%/loc 227. The rest is advertising. Which is fine–the story is as long as it needs to be; I’m not a fan of extraneous words–but if previews bug you, consider yourself warned.