Title: Ravaged by the Magic Pebble

Author: Fannie Tucker

ravaged by the magic pebbleAs I’ve said before, Fannie Tucker is my go-to “well written erotica” author. The grammar and writing are flawless in everything of hers I’ve read; I’d even go as far as saying these stories are literary, and for once I mean that in a good way.

WhatWhat: Camilla picks up a pebble on the Jersey Shore, and it turns out to be a remnant of a Renaissance statue, inhabited by the soul of its sculptor. It borrows some guy’s body to have sex with her.

Guy Who Gets Possessed and Then Discarded:

Vinnie blinked at her stupidly for a moment before his synapses slowly came together in what might generously be called an idea. “Oh, ya mean the ocean? Yeah, it’s real romantic, ain’t it? Makin’ me kinda horny, ya know?” (loc 77)

I felt really sorry for poor Vinnie. Okay, he gets a bit grabby, but so does the freaking statue. Maybe I’m biased: I’ve known actual Vinnies. They’re all right. They’re not Renaissance sculptors, sure, but they have their moments. They don’t deserve drowning, jeez.

Money quote:

Her body felt incomplete, an arch without its keystone, and she craved his cock inside her again. (loc 242)

In all seriousness, isn’t that kind of lovely?

Verdict: If you can get past Vinnie’s horrible fate, this is an amazing story.