Title: Violated by Monsters: The Hunchback Theater

Author: Hannah Wilde

hunchback theatreWhatWhat: Jenn is worried about the hunchbacks she sees lurking in the rafters of the theater, so she goes back after hours to offer them groceries and a gangbang.

I’m Telling the Grammarians About Your Inability to Punctuate Dialogue:

“The rumour goes that his mother was a famous actress of the day, but his father was a demon from hell.” Explains Mark. (loc 55)

Money Quote:

I gaze up at them with a cock hungry fire in my eyes, entering an arena of belligerent arousal that can rarely be turned back from. (loc 238)

Verdict: This ends at the 51% mark; all the rest is advertising for other stories, which is really pushing the story-to-filler ratio about as far as I can stand.

Nevertheless, there is a story here, and it’s quite good: reasonably original, and strangely charming, with a strong sense of setting and a clear voice. I’m absolutely going to try more of this author’s monster erotica.