Title: Pounded by the Biker Rainbow Come to Life

Author: Max Wood

pounded by the rainbow biker

WhatWhat: Following the death of his friend Rico, horribly stereotyped hippie Saul attempts to ascend the mountain where the death occurred, only to encounter a sentient biker rainbow and have sex with it.

…Come Again? It turns out to be the reincarnation of Rico, if that helps.

Fun With Garble:

Though the midnight intrusions had eased in their pain, the memory of Rico being a wave that crashed periodically against Saul’s psyche was still hard to handle. (loc 55)

The Space Grammarians Have Begun to Despair of Their Ability to Teach Earth Writers How To Punctuate Simple Dialogue, or Anything Else For That Matter:

“Saul; it’s no longer Eucalyptus; we’ve been over this, silly! It’s Minerva now” She said as she re-adjusted her nose ring and Saul was nearly blinded as it sparkled in the sunlight. (loc 76)

Make Up Your Mind, Son:

The two had never been lovers, but in the hazy evenings of a San Francisco spring, he and Rico had made tender hippy love…(loc 112)

Money Quote:

“You’re right” Rico had finally smiled as they’re smoker’s hearts pounded limply and they made passionate man love under the arousing delight of fine west coast Kush. (loc 115)

Verdict: Parts of this are amusing, and the reincarnation as a rainbow might strike you as romantic if you’re stoned when you read it. But although the first couple of hippy stereotypes made me smile, a little of it goes a long way, and by the end I was wondering why someone would chose to write erotica about people he appears to loathe.