Title: Vindicated by the Dinosaur Ghost

Author: Twisty McCox

vindicated by the dinosaur ghost

WhatWhat: Psychic Paleontologist Rob has always believed dinosaurs were sentient, so he feels vindicated when the ghost of one shows up in his tent at night (at a dig in Alberta) to fuck him up the arse.

Money Quote:

With that thrill of paleontological validation – he knew the dinosaurs would speak to him! he knew it! – Rob came with a sob, clenching down upon the mass inside him, feeling its answering throb. (loc 170)

Verdict: If I was being mocked by my colleagues for my mysticism and my completely unfounded beliefs, I’d want more “vindication” than some invisible anal that proved nothing to anyone else. But hey, it’s still probably the most exciting thing to ever happen in the Alberta badlands. And this was really well-written illogical porn. I enjoyed it.