Title: Punished by the Alpha Poutine

Author: Twisty McCox

I am so hungry right now.
I am so hungry right now.

WhatWhat: When we last saw Gord, he was earning fastfood success by pleasuring a giant sentient poutine. Strange things happen in the wilds of Canada, okay? In this, the second volume (of three!), Gord’s fast food empire is collapsing, so he returns; the Alpha Poutine, angered by how Gord has squandered his gift, turns him over to his offspring. Lots and lots of smaller poutines make sexual use of Gord, until finally the Alpha Poutine forgives him and grants him help.

Money Quote:

Gord struggled against it, the pressure far too much too soon, but the pack held him down as the first one made its point and he was quickly filled, his ass stretched around an insistent fry, thick and twitching inside him. (loc 80)

Verdict: One of the strangest entries in the “monster erotica” lists, but well-written, and highly entertaining.