…That is a way more serious post title than I’d hoped to ever have to write here.

But in light of the discussion currently going on in the Romance end of the publishing world, I thought it was worth making a few things absolutely clear:

1. The “I” writing here is a pseudonym. Even further, she’s a shared pseudonym, so while one person is responsible for most of the posts and opinions found here, some of them are a group production.

2. The various people using the pseudonym also WRITE short, goofy erotica, some of which gets published and (more often) self-published.* Sometimes there are posts here which show off our own work. None of the posts that have titles starting with “review:” are ever about our own work. We review things by people who aren’t us.

3. We do, however, sometimes follow authors on Twitter or wherever, and “talk” to them online. This blog only reviews things that I/we enjoyed, so it’s not like our interactions with other authors are somehow swaying the tone of our reviews.

4. Sure: pointing out enjoyable aspects of the genre we write in could, arguably, increase sales within that genre which could, possibly, increase our own sales. We’re fine with that. This isn’t an impartial review site and it doesn’t pretend to be. This is a blog that unashamedly loves our weird little subgenre and promotes the hell out of it.

Ultimately? Yes, we ARE all in each other’s pockets/up each other’s arses/wildly incestuous. We’re cool with that.

It’s a fun hobby (no one associated with this blog is even close to making a living off writing erotica, although it’s possible the authors we review DO, and if so, good on ’em), and we’ve “met” some smart, entertaining people. We’re proud to showcase their work, and the work of anyone else who manages to catch our eye and hold our attention for the handful of pages it takes for a unicorn, a poutine, a paperclip or a jet plane to find true love and/or achieve orgasm.

One of the things we can't review because the author is part of our collective.
One of the things we can’t review because the author is part of our collective.

*It’s maybe worth adding that several of the people associated (however loosely) with this blog also publish or self-publish non-erotic works. Obviously, none of those works are ever going to be featured here.