Title: I Seduced Bigfoot to Save Broadway from the Homophobic Sasquatches and I Liked It

Author: Max Wood

i seduced bigfoot

WhatWhat: I think that title makes it perfectly clear, really, but here goes:  Sasquatches have been discovered (near the Canadian border, naturally) and granted legal rights, and Greg has become sexually entranced by the male ones, which comes in handy when his wife drags him to a production of Hey, That’s My Bum! and he has to save her, the cast, and the audience by seducing the Alpha Bigfoot.

Money Quote:

“Greg, I know you were watching sasquatch porn because they turn you on. Honey, I don’t care! I love you either way! Do what needs to be done!” (loc 228)

If your marriage can survive that I guess it can survive anything.

Verdict: This is my favorite Max Wood so far. It’s got a playfulness that I enjoyed, and there’s enough world building to make it relatively three-dimensional.