Title: Invaded by the iWatch

Author: Leonard Delaney

invaded by the iwatch

WhatWhat: Having survived encounters with Tetris blocks and Clippy, Christie dons an iWatch that makes her do improbable (and painful sounding) sexual things to herself.


…then touched her own grey eyes. (loc 30)


The iWatch dug deeper still, bursting into her uterus. (loc 147)

No, I Absolutely Assure You She Didn’t:

She spurted just a little bit from the tip of her clit, sending an arc of milky Christie-juice across the room. (loc 134)

Money Quote:

“Look at me,” said the watch in a monotone man’s voice. “Hey everyone, look. This watch cost ten thousand dollars.” (loc 49)

Verdict: I honestly can’t tell at this point if Delaney has a shaky grasp of female anatomy or is slyly poking fun at the version of female anatomy found in erotica. Either way, he has an impeccable grasp of pop culture and punctuation, and a divinely geeky sense of humour.