Title: Psychic Raptors in Lust

Author: Eden Redd

psychic raptors in love

WhatWhat: Dr. Melissa White is attempting time travel, and accidentally brings three raptors into her lab, where they use their psychic powers to strip away her inhibitions and initiate a human-raptor orgy with her and her two lab assistants.

Sounds Legit:

He was a good lab assistant but I felt he may be trying too hard to break into Theoretical Time Displacement physics. But he certainly was easy on the eyes so I keep him around. (loc 40)

For the love of God, people, pick a tense and exhibit at least a passing loyalty to it:

The rift on the platform flashed and pulses louder. (loc 79)

Money Quote:

The raptor went from a menacing dinosaur to a slick, reptilian being with emotions, thoughts and strong sensual lines. (loc 138)

Yeah, three drinks’ll do that. You’ll regret it in the morning, though.

Verdict: The dinosaurs’ psychic abilities provide some sort of rational for the full-on lab shenanigans that break out, and it’s hard not to love someone named Rull who time-travels and gives oral. Right? Maybe that’s just me.