Title: Taken by the Octodactyl

Author: Cayden Brookes

I seriously love everything about this cover.
I seriously love everything about this cover.

WhatWhat: Damien and Brad are about to get busy, in spite of Brad being all post-trauma-ish about something that destroyed his boat, when they’re interrupted by a species of flying tentacle monster that takes Damien away for some undersea, goo-laden sex.

Work Relationships at their Finest:

As hot as Brad was when he was angry, I much preferred the horny, ship mate Brad that I’d met and fucked three weeks ago after copious amounts of alcohol and karaoke. (loc 35)

You So Seldom See An Allot in the Wild:

…I noticed that the ocean had grown allot darker than it had been when we first got here. (loc 37)

Money Quote:

That primal look of longing that spoke louder than any language on the entire planet told me exactly what was on its mind.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” I asked… (loc 132)

I like a protagonist who knows he’s desirable, but damn.

Verdict: This was fun, and I just realized this is the same author who gave us Pounded by the Rock Man, so clearly he’s one to watch.