Title: Pounded in the Butt by my Book Pounded in the Butt by my Own Butt

Author: Chuck Tingle

pounded in the butt by my book pounded in the butt by my own butt

WhatWhat: Nothing I can say here is going to help, but I’ll try. World famous author “Buck Trungle” is threatened with a lawsuit by one of his own books, “Pounded in the Butt by my Own Butt,” but they resolve the issue by having sex. I’m sorry: GAY sex. Also they fall in love.

…What? I’m sorry, that’s as much sense as I or anyone can make of this, okay? I’m trying here. I still can’t really believe that this book is a thing that really happened, let alone that I have it on my Kindle and I’ve read it.

Chuck Tingle Opening Line:

Being a famous writer is an experience that few others can relate to, even for those who ascend to the realm of celebrity in another field. (loc 1)

Money Quotes:

This is my basic routine, and not once do I get recognized as Buck Trungle, highly successful author of science fiction literature and the best selling novel, “Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt.” (loc 22)

I notice him immediately, a large, muscular copy of my most recent novel amid a sea of normal human patrons, devilishly handsome and carrying himself with an air of nonchalant swagger. (loc 75)

Slater is kissing me passionately as my hands roam across his sturdy matte cover. (loc 170)

Yes, I guess that would stand out in a coffeeshop, all right.

Verdict: At this point I’m convinced that the author’s complete inability to properly punctuate dialogue has to be fake. Also, I’m retty much reading these like a conspiracy theorist now, looking for clues to Chuck Tingle World. Like, in this one, the narrator’s late wife was named Borbo. Surely that’s a sign she was a Bigfoot, right?