Title: A Haunted Billionaire Roller Coaster Stole my Virginity

Author: Austin Cox

haunted billionaire roller coaster

WhatWhat: Amber and her boyfriend sneak into a theme park (along with another couple), but when her boyfriend roofies her she gets upset and seeks refuge on the Titan, a wooden roller coaster built by a self-made billionaire who died of a heart attack. Invisible forces undress Amber and have slightly scary sex with her, and afterwards she finds out the theme park burned down years ago.

Money Quote:

I always thought it would be Johnny that popped my cherry, not some billionaire roller coaster with a giant cock and multiple hands. (loc 224)

A reasonable enough expectation, I guess.

“Yes!” I cry. “Yes. Fill me with your coaster cock.” (loc 249)

Verdict: This was truly original, and even a little bit spooky. Definitely worth the read.