Title: Punished by the Billionaire Dinosaurs Club

Author: Whitney Fox

On a Related Note: Gay Billionaire Dinosaurs in my Butt

punished by the billionaire dinosaurs club

WhatWhat: Three years ago T-Rex billionaire Bronco dumped Tara when he caught her cheating on him (she hadn’t even realized they were exclusive). After a chance meeting he invites her to a party, where he punishes her with a dinosaur gangbang.

Money Quotes:

I hated that T-Rex more than any other dinosaur in Los Angeles, he was a cocky billionaire who’s graces I had fallen out of years ago. (loc 6)

My pussy still craves the dinosaur cock, but I’ve been blackballed throughout Hollywood. If I now know something, it’s to never mess with the dinosaur elite. They run this town and can have you on food stamps within the week if they want. (loc 12)

I was dressed to the nines, my hair curled and looking like Taylor Swift. (loc 73)

That’s some weird hair.

If you’re dating him, you can’t just go around sucking off random triceratops cock. (loc 99)

Words to live by.

Verdict: Just as much fun as the m/m version, and also as inexplicable.