Title: For the Pleasure of the Alpha Poutine

Author: Twisty McCox

for the pleasure of the alpha poutine

WhatWhat: In volume three of McCox’s poutine saga, Gord keeps thinking about the masterful junk food that inhabits the forests of Quebec, when the Alpha Poutine and its offspring show up in his bedroom.

Money Quotes:

Returning from the tender ministrations of the Alpha Poutine and its children with a song in his heart and a lingering tenderness in his ass,…((loc 33)

Helpful fries spread his buttocks and he could feel his hole winking as it tried to regain the sensation that had vanished, to repossess the fullness he still needed desperately. (loc. 123)

Verdict: This has to be the most Canadian erotica ever written, seriously. Also I keep craving poutine. NOT THAT WAY. But it’s still worrying. I’ll be honest though, if the author released the three of these as a paperback I’d buy multiple copies and gift it to all my friends.