Title: The Curse of Bigfoot Butt Camp

Author: Chuck Tingle

curse of bigfoot butt camp

WhatWhat: Ken’s friend Jeff persuades him to take a week off so they can escape the city and go to summer camp for adults. When they get there, all the first night’s activities are cancelled because there’s a full moon, and the Bigfoots have a medical condition; all the humans are told to stay in their tents. Ken disobeys, with results which you can probably predict from the title.

Money Quotes:

He is the perfect combination of down home good looks and a bad boy, bigfoot attitude. (loc 118)

Instead, the once fresh-faced mythical creature has warped into something strange and undead, a mummy bigfoot wrapped in hanging bandages that staggers through the shining moonlight. (loc 186)

“Jeff is a manifestation of your latent gayness.” The eye informs me. (loc 314)

Really, Ken, You Couldn’t Guess from the Name?

I first hear about Bigfoot Butt Camp from my friend, Jeff, who would also be attending his first year out in the woods with me. (loc 4)

The Space Grammarians Hate When You Do That:

“My name is Rim Barkoon.” Announces our speaker. (loc 83)

Verdict: Remember R.L.Stine’s Goosebumps? This is sort of like that, but with anal sex. So, okay, not much like that at all. Except for the summer camp setting, the two best friends (one of whom has a secret, or rather, is a secret), and the cursed-to-be-mummies Bigfoots.