Title: Magic Spike: Gay Dinosaur Strippers

Author: Hunter Fox

magic spike gay dinosaur strippers

WhatWhat: Spike, the dino-human offspring of multimillionaire Marcus Raptor, runs into three hot dino guys from the wrong side of the tracks. They recruit him to strip with them, and he rapidly falls for the hot T-rex who dances under the name of T-Pecks.

Tragic-ish Backstory:

I had been 18 years old, young, handsome, and vulnerable. I met a older T-Rex, a guy who I started to secretly fall for, his charming and experienced nature drew me to him. Soon, I was losing my butt virginity to him and having to keep secrets from my family, constantly sneaking around and hiding from the press. (loc 12)

I Haven’t Seen You Dance Yet But I have Faith in You, Kid I Just Met:

“Ok cool. I think you and I should work on your moves and practice, but you look like you’d be able to do a show this weekend.” T=Pecks said. (loc 110)

Classic Stripper Apparel:

I wore a small police hat onto of my head, my beady little raptor eyes darted down to the opened cop outfit I was wearing. (loc 135)

Money Quote:

An hour later and the club was closing, sending all the drunk ladies home. The two Thyreophora bouncers had to rip a few drunk and belligerent women off of me, who were persistent in wanting to take me home. (loc 159)

I’ve been to bachelorette parties where there were male strippers, and that scene is entirely realistic (er, barring the dinosaurs, obviously).

Verdict: This is, hands down, my favourite Hunter Fox story to date (although the Forbidden Unicorn Bae one is a close second). It’s a strangely vivid little story, and I’m left hoping for a sequel. Will Spike confront his family? Will the press track him to the strip club? Will T-Pecks abandon him once he finds out the truth about Spike’s background? I want more, damn it.

Also, “half T-rex, half Italian” (loc 26) could totally be a description of my husband. Except his arms are humanly proportionate, thank God.