Title: Trillionaire Living Spaceship Docked with my Ass

Author: Alana Melos

trillionaire living spaceship

WhatWhat: Kirk James (ow) is supporting himself as a prostitute, and an appointment with the world’s richest man (trillionaire Winston Xavier Cartwright the Third) leads to sex, bondage, and eventually space travel in a sentient spaceship.

Money Quotes:

There’s nothing like being woke up by having your dick sucked. (loc 1)

That wasn’t enough for him. Not for Winston Xavier Cartwright the Third, no sir! He didn’t just want to fly in a spaceship through space… he wanted to be that spaceship. (loc 299)

Verdict: This is long on trillionaire bondage, but actually pretty light on space. The story opens with Kirk being sucked off by his spaceship, but after that scene (which only lasts until the 2% mark) it’s just sex and light bdsm until the 79% mark, when the trillionaire’s space ambitions come up. So if you like rich people, paid-for sex, and bondage, this will do it for you, but if you’re hoping for a lot of space-docking you may be disappointed.