Title: Gaygent Brontosaurus: The Butt is Not Enough

Author: Chuck Tingle

gaygent brontosaurus

WhatWhat: Bellboy John Marks finds himself unexpectedly drawn into the conflict between villainous Russian Tudwig Cobbler (who has a HOOK for a HAND) and Secret Gaygent Brontosaurus, with whom John promptly falls in love in one of those patented “I’ve never been gay before” Chuck Tingle plots.

Money Quotes:

Seizing the moment, Gaygent Brontosaurus reaches out with his long dinosaur neck and manages to grab the bumper of Mr. Cobbler’s car with his teeth, and then with one powerful movement he flings the vehicle off of the cliff side. (loc 151)

Moments later a large and incredibly handsome brontosaurus enters the elevator, wearing a sharply cut suite….(loc 43)

I very much doubt that, somehow.

We’re from different worlds, him a handsome and mysterious secret gaygent while I am nothing more than a lowly bellboy; ex-bellboy, probably. (loc 159)

It’s the seamless blending of insanity and the mundane that really makes that last sentence work.

Verdict: I don’t know, maybe I’m getting jaded, but I felt this lacked some of the sheer exuberant madness of some of Tingle’s work. That said, it does have a well-hung brontosaurus and a happy ending.