I thought Buttception was meta enough, but this plumbs a whole new depth of self-reference.

Title: Reamed by my Reaction to the Title of This Book

Author: Chuck Tingle

reamed by my reaction

WhatWhat: Josh gets sent an email marked “not safe for work,” something his friend has forwarded him about author Buck Tringle. The friend phones with a warning not to open it, but when Josh does, he’s instantly turned gay and then buttfucked by his own reaction.

…What? I cannot help you. At all.

Money Quotes:

I’m about to open the email when suddenly I’m interrupted yet again by Raxlo, the head of human resources, who appears in the doorway of my cubicle. “Hey, Josh.” Raxlo starts. “There’s a forward going around about this Buck Trungle guy, do you know what I’m talking about?” (loc 94)

“We have plenty of reports that hearing the title alone will turn you instantly gay.” Explains Talp. (loc 167)

“They have no idea that they are figments of Chuck Tingle’s imagination, and the sooner that they realize this, the sooner we can all join in harmony.” (loc 204)

“Yes.” The reaction tells me. “Aside from a few spelling errors you’ve been written perfectly.” (loc 230)

“Well, you still have some time left, it’s just barely too short and Chuck like’s to keep things over four thousand words, at least.” (loc 287)

Verdict: Look, I’m pretty sure that Tingle thinks grammar is a nice old lady who never forgets your birthday, and his inability to punctuate dialogue correctly makes my eyes bleed. Nevertheless, his blend of creative madness and his overuse of the word “gay” as an adjective have endeared him to me. He’s single-handedly justifying my subscription to Amazon Prime. I may have to buy a print copy of this so that if civilization collapses and there’s no more internet, I can prove this was real.