Title: Taken by the Haunted Doll

Author: Ian Howell

taken by the haunted doll

WhatWhat: Jimmy Hill is a production assistant to his uncle, and has been sent to pick up an antique doll needed for filming. The owners of the antique store tell him a long story about a serial killer who left a doll at each murder site, and either this doll or another one were left at his last crime scene. Jimmy straight up believes them, but ALSO thinks a 50% chance that the doll is evil is his kind of odds, so he takes the doll. After getting two flat tires he’s stuck spending the night in a hotel room with the doll; he orders pizza, falls asleep, chants Latin over the doll, and is orally and anally raped by a large demon.

Come Again?

“We acquired the Nancy Doll from a rather shady dealer. At the time he told us he acquired the doll from an auction but we have since come to believe that he may have stolen it,” Rick said.

“So he stole it from a little kid?” Jimmy said.

“No, we think he may have stolen it or from someone who did,” Anne said. (loc 62)

“So why did you start calling this doll Nancy?” Jimmy asked.

“Because I’ve talked to her but only briefly,” Anne said.

“Anne is a medium, since she was a child she has had the ability to communicate with spirits. Since some of our clients want more proof of a haunting we also offer readings by electronic voice phenomena devices and KLL meters. While we may sell antiques, this side business is the reason we are still here, ” Rick said.

“But you’ve communicated with her and she said her name is Nancy right Anne?” (loc 76)

Verdict: If the “whatwhat” section sounds like a hell of a lot of preamble and some creepy sex, you’ve accurately grasped the structure of this story. It’s divided into three chapters; Chapter One is the pick up of the doll, plus Jimmy’s backstory as a film student who resents having to do menial chores; Chapter Two is more background on his life before being a film student, as a film student, and going to work for his uncle, then the story continues with flat tires and calling a mechanic and going to a hotel; Chapter Three has the chanting, the demon, Jimmy’s initially-reluctant submission to sex with the demon, and then in the morning the doll is back in her box and the mechanic suggests Jimmy may just have had food poisoning from the pizza he ordered, ’cause that happened to him one time.

Honestly it was more like an episode of a paranormal investigation series with some sex tacked on than it was like a typical erotic short.