Title: Rump Raiding Raptors

Series: The Janus Key Chronicles

Author: Alana Melos

rump raiding raptors

WhatWhat: Twins Dirk and Debbie Gudgeon find the Janus Key, and Janus himself shows up to stick them in various worlds. In book one, the twins find themselves in new bodies, and in some world where raptors are in charge. Arrested as runaway simians, they find themselves desperate to get the key back and escape–so Dirk makes a bargain with one of the raptor Police Officers: his ass in exchange for freedom.

Money Quotes:

“Gosh, Dirk,” said Debbie, exclaiming in surprise, “we finally found it!” What ‘it’ was in question was the mystical Janus Key, lost to time. She clapped her hands together, excitement flashing her blue eyes. (loc 13)

Their father, famed anthropologist and pulp adventurer, …(loc 100)

Wait, what? That’s a job? Pulp Adventurer? I want that job.

All of those thoughts were chased away as Marooney very carefully, delicately, and almost lovingly licked the hell out of his ass, causing Dirk’s lust to rise up in him and say welcome once again, my old friend. (loc 69)

Verdict: There were points at the beginning when I felt I might choke on the large load of exposition:

“Even though the origin of Latin is highly debated among scholars, it’s generally accepted the language began around the Latium region, near the river Tiber, and spread from there, adapting early Greek and Phoenician scripts into what would eventually become their written word.” (loc 33)

But by the 8% mark the key’s magic has kicked in and the plot gets underway, and it’s a quirky, inventive plot, well worth sticking around for. The raptor-human sex is noteworthy for actually playing up the “your human body feels warm and I’m curious about what it would feel like to fuck you” angle, which was entertaining, and I’m looking forward to reading more of the series. The use of twins is a neat angle, as is the dfferent-bodies-in-other-worlds idea.