Title: The Camp Tentacles

Author: Lexi Lucia

camp tentacles

WhatWhat: Jasmine’s entire hometown has written her off, so she escapes to a “intensive study camp” where she discovers a group of her fellow campers have been enjoying themselves with a tentacle alien that feeds on “women’s pussy juice.” As opposed to men’s?

Totally Convincing Female Point of View:

The two guys were really hot, and I felt my pussy start to respond in my pants…(loc 60)

Back in the real world, on my bunk, I had cum with my hand. I got a tissue and cleaned up the mess. (loc 83)

Money Quote:

The beast had jammed tentacles into every pussy, asshole and mouth that was there, and it was plowing them at a tremendous pace. (loc 130)

Verdict: That’s a little more closeness than I’d want with my cabin mates, frankly, but I have to admit it would beat the hell out of arts-and-crafts on rainy days. Although I’m a little worried about the alien. Is it happy?