Title: Egyptian Penetration: Immortal Pharoah

Author: Whitney Fox

egyptian penetration

M/M Version: Time Travelling Gay Egyptian Bae by Hunter Fox

time travelling gay egyptian bae

WhatWhat: Supermodel Tanya is doing a shoot in Egypt when a time-travelling Egyptian Pharoah shows up and demands sex with her, claiming that he needs to penetrate her in order to save Egypt from the wrath of Ra. Sounds legit.

Money Quotes:

“Oh…um not really.” The young assistant responded. “He’s gay actually…so you could say he get’s lots of ass.” (loc 15)

Somewhere, the Space Grammarians are sobbing.

…watching my reaction to see if I was judging his boss. I wasn’t though, I loved the gays. (loc 24)

I’m wincing so hard right now.

“Oh, would it now. I bet in a year, you’ll be doing Target ads and I’ll be shooting covers like this one. With way hotter models.” He quipped back. (loc 33)

My heart raced as I realized that I was now in the captivity of an insane foreigner.

“Don’t worry Tanya, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to penetrate you” The man said, turning and looking into my eyes with deep passion. (loc 95)

Her Very Smooth What, though?

“Your very smooth.” He said while looking down at my perfectly pink hole and beginning to ram himself into me. (loc 169)

Unusual Pick-up Lines:

“So the curse is on women having intercourse with Egyptian men? Because it’s too amazing?” I questioned.

“Exactly. But if I penetrate you, the curse will be broken and I can return safely home to my people. Now disrobe.” He commanded.  (loc 136)

Yeah, I’d question that too, honey.

Verdict: I don’t think this one is going to do much to improve relations with the Egyptians or with “the gays,” but it’s a fun little romp.