You guys, Chuck Tingle has some serious competition. And it’s het. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Yes, this is book four in a series. No, I don’t know why I read this one first. I think it popped up in my Amazon recommendations. Now tracking down the rest of the series is my life’s goal.

Title: Taken to Da Club: My Billionaire Unicorn T-Rex Shifter 4

Author: Countess Von Fondle

All you other dinosaur eroticists can just go home. We have reached Peak Dinosaur.
All you other dinosaur eroticists can just go home. We have reached Peak Dinosaur.

WhatWhat: Unicorn Billionaire Trevor Thor has drawn up a girlfriend contract for Amber Avery, but she won’t sign because she wants both sides of him, including his dark, T-Rex side. This leads to a dance-off and sex and ends in time travel. Doesn’t it always.

Somewhere Lisa Frank is Weeping and Reaching for a Bottle of Vodka and She Doesn’t Even Know Why:

…the penguin-printed bathrobe I’d thrown on over my underwear. (loc 142)

I saw glimpses of tigers, panthers, polar bears and even a standard poodle. (loc 158)

This was not like the glittery, rainbow, starlight orgasms I’d experienced with Trevor in his unicorn form. (loc 271)

Money Quotes:

That voice… Like black velvet dipped in honey dipped in real butter. It compelled me to obey. (loc 54)

My heart raced at his nearness, at his intoxicating scent. Cotton candy and sunlight with hints of butterscotch and sandalwood. In his anger, I also caught a whiff of cedar. (loc 65)

Its scent perfumed the air–musky like a forest, salty like a prehistoric sea. For some reason I wanted a rare steak. (loc 297)

Verdict: From the cover to the author’s name through the story and right up to the other titles in the series, this was perfection. PERFECTION. Why are these not available in paperback? Or as a poster series?

Other Titles in the Series: Apparently the first one, which I have not yet read, is called Taken for Ice Cream. And the sequel to this part is called Taken Back in Time: French White Wig Times.