Title: Stepbrother Romance

Author: Lucrezia Lannister

stepbrother romance

WhatWhat: Ever since their parents got married, Mark has had the hots for his new stepbrother, Leo, and now he decides it’s time to seduce him.

Money Quotes:

On my nineteenth birthday I decided to seduce my stepbrother. (loc 2)

Keeping it barely legal in at least two directions.

But as time went on, I noticed something interesting, that finally gave me hope.

His boyfriends were looking more and more like me. (loc 55)

Verdict: Everyone in this is human! You have no idea how reassuring that is, even if they are step-siblings. This is an unexpectedly sweet stepbrother romance. Blond godlike jock Leo has always been kind to thin, pale, dark-haired Mark, so the crush is as much about appreciating Leo’s heroic qualities as it is about craving hot anal sex.

What does it say about my reading habits that pseudo incest now seems reassuringly normal?