Title: Gay Ghost Hunters

Author: Catherine DeVore

gay ghost hunters

WhatWhat: Roderick and Jose have a television show, Gay Ghost Hunters, but neither of them actually believe in ghosts until they investigate Hell Manor, where wealthy Eric Gladstone murdered his lover, an unnamed servant. Both men still haunt the house; Gladstone is evil, but the servant is merely horny.

Money Quote:

“It looks like a trail,” he said, tracking it with the camcorder. “Of ectoplasm, I believe.” He was obviously trying not to laugh as he examined what was more than likely a trail of my cum on the floor. I punched his arm lightly. (loc 138)

Verdict: Light, charming, and well-written. I was hoping it was the beginning of a series, but I couldn’t find more. I did find other things by this author, however, and will definitely download them.