Title: Lesbian Ghost Hunters #1: Wake-Up Call

Author: Merlyn Sloane

lesbian ghost hunters 1

WhatWhat: The narrator, who lives and works at a hotel,  is being haunted by a ghost whose attentions cause her to masturbate. This is getting to be a problem at work, but a ghosthunter named R.J. shows up and tells the maid how to get rid of her ghost: she needs to get the ghost off.

Plane, I think:

“So they’re there until either the light goes off, or they’re released to another plain.” (loc 232)

Money Quotes:

The day before, I had barely made it into an empty room before I doubled up, gasping, my fingers desperately fumbling with the waistband of my work pants. (loc 64)

The dark-haired woman watched me with evident glee. She held up some kind of electronic instrument.

“Just, you know, looking for the ghost,” she said, brandishing the device in my vague direction. “looks like you found her first though, so I’ll let you finish up. Professional courtesy.” (loc 109)

Verdict: Generally entertaining. I had one or two minor quibbles: what the hell is the narrator’s name? How did R.J. know there was a ghost at the hotel? But overall it was lovely, and I look forward to the rest of the series.