Title: Taken for Ice Cream (My Billionaire Unicorn T-Rex Shifter 1)

Author: Countess Von Fondle

taken for ice cream

WhatWhat: We’ve already reviewed Taken to Da Club. Taken for Ice Cream is the first installment of this incredible saga. Innocent virgin Amber Avery, a completely original character in no way resembling Ana Steele, delivers an envelope to the 175th-floor office of billionaire unicorn Trevor Thor. When she trips and knocks herself unconscious he heals her, and then takes her for ice cream. Amber gets eaten (the fun way) and then Thor turns into a T-Rex and eats an ice cream shop employee (in the non-fun way).

Money Quotes:

The executive floor receptionist had given me a miniature oxygen tank. (loc 10)

I smelled his unicorn scent. Cotton candy and sunlight with hints of butterscotch and sandalwood. (loc 85)

There was just too much beauty to see. Was this what the great Thomas Kincade felt like when he finished painting one of his masterpieces? (loc 144)

Verdict: GLORIOUS.

Okay, I have Kindle Unlimited precisely to try to keep up with my short-porn impulse habits, and I STILL bought this. If it comes out as a paperback bundle, I’ll buy it again. Mind you, I’ve also bought Chuck Tingle in paperback, so you may not want to base your purchasing habits on mine.