Title: Gay Billionaire Dinosaurs in my Butt

Author: Hunter Fox

gay billionaire dinosaurs in my butt

WhatWhat: Three years ago Tony was in tight with billionaire dinosaur Bronco, but then the alpha T-Rex dumped him abruptly, and Tony hasn’t had dino-sex since. When Bronco invites him to a party, Tony starts to hook-up with a stegosaurus named Marcus. He learns that Bronco dropped him because the dino had thought they were exclusive. To punish Tony for his sluttish ways, Bronco invites a raptor and triceratops to join them.

Money Quotes:

My grudge stemmed from an altercation I had had with him and a few other billionaire dinosaurs three years ago at Bronco’s mansion in the hills. I had been tossed out of an underground dinosaur sex party, where I had been initially forced gay. (loc 6)

Hey, it happens.

My eyes grew wide with fear of three dinosaur cocks in my ass. I moaned loudly, trying to let them know that it was a bad idea to try to fit another, but I was ignored. (loc 156)

Maybe if you used your words, Tony.

I knew it would kill him to see this raptor make an honest gay man out of me. (loc 180)

The inter-personal relationships are nearly as boggling as the spatial physics.

Verdict: This was entertaining. There’s a Whitney Fox version (because of course there is), but for once I’ll review them separately.