Title: Gay Centaur Punished my Butt

Author: Hunter Fox

gay centaur

Het version: Filthy Centaur Hits Raw by Whitney Fox

filthy centaur

WhatWhat: Stuck at a work retreat in a summer camp setting, Corey gets drunk and ends up in the woods, where a centaur sweet-talks him into anal sex…only the centaur turns out to be a jerk, and the sweet nothings were just a ploy to get into Corey’s ass. Money Quotes:

I was a runner. I mean that whenever I drank, for some reason, I liked to run. Once, I was in Vegas with all my best friends and by the end of the night, I was plastered. For some reason all I can remember was running down the strip, belligerent and holding onto my dick as I ran in and out of the casinos. I was a runner. (loc 82) I did find out thought that Zander’s love was impure and he was cursed by the waterfall of love, forever having to remain celibate. I was the last piece of ass his magical cock ever tasted. I feel good in knowing that he wasn’t able to get away with treating me the way he did. (loc 205)

The Space Grammarians Hate When You Do That:

“The waterfall of love.” He said, slowing down and letting me off his back. “This is where true lovers come, to drink from the purest water.” He added, leading me over to a small waterfall. The liquid that flowed from it’s golden rocks, glowed. (loc 117)

Verdict: It’s so weird to read one of these where the human doesn’t fall in love with the monster. Possibly I’ve been reading way too much Chuck Tingle, but now my expectations are skewed in a “happily ever after” direction. This was more realistic, though. Some monsters are bound to be players, and at least this one gets his comeuppance. Except now I’m a little worried that the downer ending means Hunter Fox is either a) depressed or b) not entirely over a centaur he met somewhere along the way. In fact, if you consider this alongside the dinosaur that jerked around that other character, it’s a tragic pattern of monsters-who-are-users.