Title: Defiled by a Dinosaur

Author: Maya Reid

WhatWhat: Sabrina, admin assistant by day and exotic dancer by night, is dismayed to recognize her former lover in the audience: David, the tall slim T-rex who’d collared her four years ago. He wants to set her up with his friend Antoine, but she still wants David.

defiled by a dinosaur

Money Quotes:

After that, Sabrina had sworn that she would never have anything to do with David again. So why on earth was she sitting at his table, drink in hand, flirting with his young raptor friend under his watchful amused eyes? (loc 124)

David, like most T-Rexes, was wearing high-waisted pants that his arms could reach and unbuckle. (loc 214)

Verdict: If you can get past the part where there are dinosaurs, this is a pretty standard BDSM story. It’s less insane than most of the dino erotica we’ve reviewed to date, and well written. So NOT the crazed Chuck Tingle kind of erotica; more the “come on command” type of fantasy dominance and submission.