Title: Taken to the Hot Air Balloon Regatta

Author: Countess von Fondle

taken to the hot air balloon regatta

WhatWhat: Their first date was a disaster, and the tabloids say unicorn billionaire Trevor Thor is seeing a supermodel, but Amber Avery accepts his invitation to the hot air balloon regatta.

Money Quotes:

Because I still yearned for the feel of his slick, pearly-diamond horn inside my fist. And the sight of his big, hard, rainbow-striped cock pulsing just before he came all over me with the beauty of a fountain in heaven’s atrium. (loc 26)

I looked over my shoulder and saw him galloping toward me, resplendent in the sunshine, his horn shining like a sword. He wore a navy polo and khaki pants. (loc 58)

When he still didn’t move, I shamelessly enticed him by placing three colored sugar cubes on my ankle. (129)

Verdict: My actual twelve year old self would never have been allowed near this (not to mention that there were no Kindles in the dark ages in which I was raised), but my inner twelve year old cannot get enough. I want stickers of these covers. And a binder. Like those Lisa Frank trapper-keepers, but cooler, and more erotic.