Title: Punished by the Billionaire Dinosaurs Club

Author: Whitney Fox

punished by the billionaire dinosaurs club

WhatWhat: Following a chance encounter with her former lover, billionaire dinosaur Bronco, Tara attends one of his parties and starts to hook up with Marcos the Stegosaurus. Bronco catches them and subjects Tara to a dinosaur gangbang, and catches the eye of a sweet raptor who asks her out after helping her clean up.

Money Quotes:

If I now know anything, it’s to never mess with the dinosaur elite. They run this town and can have you on food stamps within the week if they want to. Did Bronco love me? Maybe he was jealous that I had been blowing his friend and not giving him attention? (loc 12)

Who was I kidding, this wasn’t a punishment, this was my deepest and darkest fantasy. (loc 117)


I continued to suck on my previous lover as he watched another dinosaur begin to tear my pussy apart. (loc 123)

Verdict: The copious amounts of dinosaur semen flying around were a bit alarming, and so was the rough sex, but at least she didn’t end up with Bronco. Bronco was a jerk.