Title: Mated by Medusa

Author: J.D.Cirque

mated by medusa

WhatWhat: Androcles escapes death on a warship only to wash up on Medusa’s island. She doesn’t just have snakehair: she has tentacles everywhere, and proceeds to use them. Afterwards she’s about to turn him to stone, but he’s rescued by a Deus Ex Machina, or rather, a Demigod Ex Machina.

Money quotes:

I want to deny it, but it finds a soft walnut inside me, the fleshy body of it massaging this nut until I am powerless, the pleasure unbelievable. (loc 161)

Under his foot is the head of the beast, beheaded, eyes turned to the floor and covered in a thicket of limp snakes.

He looks to my crotch and down to the headless body of the Medusa. “If you wish to defile her one last time, you are welcome. Her body is still warm.” (loc 253)

Verdict: It’s odd to read monster erotica in which the monster remains monstrous. She’s scary, threatening, and never stops being the enemy; Androcles doesn’t fall in insta- or any other kind of love with her. Amazing.